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About Venkata Vamsi Bharadwaj Yallapragada

  Venkata Vamsi Bharadwaj Yallapragada

Biography Summary

Vamsi is a PhD student, under Dr. Mark Tangney, working with the Microbes and Cancer group at the Cork Cancer Research Centre. His research is focused on building a novel platform using modern synthetic biology approach to find a new way of treatment and diagnosis for several types of cancers.

Theme / Team

Microbes & Cancer

Cancer type(s)

Lung cancer, Breast cancer, Pancreatic cancer


+353 (0) 21 420 5701

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Biography Detailed

Vamsi graduated from University College Cork, with a Masters in Biotechnology. He is an engineer and a biologist, with a focus on integrating modern methods of computational and mathematical tools into life sciences. He holds a patent (in India) for his invention called DYAGRAM, which is DNA based pen to prevent forgery. He received a national award for this work in 2015.

Since coming to Ireland his work focused in Immunology and Cancer. During his Masters, he worked under Dr. Elizabeth Brint and Dr. Aileen Houston based in CUH/UCC, in signalling research in Colon Cancer.

At CCRC under Dr. Mark Tangney, his work is primarily to engineer microbes and target them to cancer tissues. In this project, he uses modern synthetic biology design to build and test different approaches for heterologous protein production in bacteria. These bacteria would be used for therapeutic and diagnostic purpose. He hopes to provide a new novel delivery approach that could make a difference in cancer treatment.