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About Morgan O’Brien

  Morgan O’Brien

Biography Summary

Pharmaceutical Science graduate (BSc.) from University College Cork, currently pursuing a PhD in the area of cancer immunotherapy.

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Cancer type(s)

Lung cancer, Colorectal cancer


+353 (0) 21 420 5707

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Biography Detailed

Specialising in the area of cancer immunotherapy with a focus on common cancers with poor prognosis, such as colorectal and metastatic lung cancer. This branch of cancer research looks at manipulating and stimulating the body’s immune system so that it combats cancer and also potentiates the effects of traditional cancer treatments such a chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery. To achieve this, we make use of antibodies which are capable of preventing immune-suppressive mechanisms and others capable of causing immune-stimulation and combine them with Electrochemotherapy (ECT) to yield a very effective and robust anti-cancer treatment.