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About Joseph Murphy

  Joseph Murphy

Biography Summary

Joe’s research involves the combination of electrochemotherapy with novel immunotherapies for the treatment of pancreatic cancer. His work also includes screening various candidate modulators with the aim of sensitising pancreatic cancer cells to chemotherapy.

Theme / Team

Immunotherapy, Electrochemotherapy, Electroporation

Cancer type(s)

Pancreatic cancer


+353 (0) 21 420 5701

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Biography Detailed

Joe graduated with a B.Sc. in Biology & Chemistry from Maynooth University in 2015, he then completed an M.Sc. in Translational Oncology at Trinity College Dublin.

He was awarded the Charlie Fell Ph.D. studentship and began working in the Pancreatic Cancer Group at the CCRC in 2016 under the supervision of Dr Patrick Forde. Joe’s work focuses on harnessing the immune system to fight pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC), which has an average 5 year survival of ~8%.

One of the main issues with PDAC is the inherent immunosuppression found in the tumour microenvironment, allowing the malignancy to evade the body’s immune surveillance mechanisms and eventually metastasise. The immunotherapy group at the CCRC is working on overcoming this immunosuppression by potentiating the key drivers of the anti-cancer immune response using novel small molecule inhibitors and antibodies in order to combat primary and secondary pancreatic cancer.