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About Jennifer Quinn

  Jennifer Quinn

Biography Summary

Jennifer is a PhD student with the Autophagy group at Cork Cancer Research Centre. Her research is aimed at understanding how autophagy influences resistance to chemotherapeutics.

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Ovarian cancer


+353 (0) 21 420 5701

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Biography Detailed

Jennifer obtained her Batchelor’s degree in Genetics and Cell biology from Dublin City University. She obtained a first class honours Master’s degree in Translational Oncology from Trinity College, Dublin.

In 2016, Jennifer was awarded the Brid Carr Ovarian Cancer Research Scholarship, and joined the autophagy team, led by Dr. Sharon McKenna. Jennifer’s research aims to provide valuable insights into the molecular mechanisms of autophagy in ovarian cancer cells, and provide a new understanding of its potential role in helping these cells to recover following treatment. By learning how to best modulate autophagy, it is hoped to improve patient outcomes via overcoming chemoresistance.

Ovarian cancer remains the leading cause of death among gynaecologic malignancies and fifth leading cause of death among all cancers in women. Although the majority of women exhibit an excellent response to first line chemotherapy, approximately 80% of patients experience disease recurrence, characterised by multiple drug resistance. Due to the poor survival of women with recurrent, chemoresistant ovarian cancer, understanding the mechanisms which contribute to this resistance is urgently needed. Autophagy is a process which helps a cell to deal with stressful conditions, and has been reported to play a role in resistance to chemotherapeutics.