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About Dr Jason Kelly

  Dr Jason Kelly

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Mr Kelly is a Consultant Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon at the Cork University Hospital and South Infirmary -Victoria University Hospital. His clinical training was in the UK. He investigated peripheral nerve regeneration in Umea University Swden where he got his MD. His academic and clinical interest current interest is in Melanoma and sarcoma. He is particularly interested in identifying correlations between patients’ clinical couse and specific DNA sequences in their tumours.

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Sarcoma, Melanoma


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Biography Detailed

Mr Jason Kelly MB BCh BAO MD FRSCI (Plast) is a Consultant Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon at the Cork University Hospital and South Infirmary -Victoria University Hospital. He was appointed to both hospitals in June 2006. Mr Kelly studied Medicine at University College Cork and graduated with an MB BCh BAO in 1991. He completed his internship at Cork University Hospital in 1992 and worked on the Voluntary Hospital Basic Surgical Training Scheme at the three teaching hospitals in Cork as Senior House Officer and Registrar until 1996. After being awarded with a fellowship from the Royal College of Surgeons of Ireland he was appointed to a unique training scheme in Plastic Surgery in the UK.

This comprised of working as a specialist registrar in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and The Leeds Teaching Hospital NHS Trust and the South Manchester Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust. While he worked in Manchester he also worked at the Christie Hospital as a Specialist Registrar. During his training he was a Blond McIndoe Research Fellow and worked on his Doctoral thesis with this group at The Royal Free Hospital in London and in The Stopford Building of the Manchester Medical School. This research work on the regeneration of nerves in the skin following major nerve injury was completed at Umea University in Sweden. He was awarded an MD in Medicine from this University. He has presented his research work and clinical experience in Sweden, Japan.

The United States and all over the UK and Ireland. He has published his work in all of the major Plastic Surgery Journals. Mr Kelly was a Consultant Plastic Surgeon at St James`s University Hospital in Leeds prior to his return to Ireland in June 2006 He is extremely interested in the innervation pattern of Basal Cell Carcinomas which are common skin tumours. He uses his interest in nerve regeneration to observe nerve patterns in these tumours in an effort to possibly identify tumours that are more likey to persist or recur after standard treatment before. He is also involved in a trial looking at the effectiveness of Electrochemotherapy in treating such tumours.

He work with NSilico and the CCRC on a collaborative project which looks to combine specific tumour DNA characteristics and individual patients clinical courses. The idea here is to identify tumour types that will respond better to different treatments. This collaboration combines the laboratory skills of the CCRC and the programming and management of large datasets that Nsilico (a spinout company from CIT ) He is the Honary Secretary of The Irish Association of Plastic Surgeons and sits on the National Advisory subcommittees on Melanoma and Non Melanoma skin cancer at the National Cancer Cotrol Programme. His clincal interest is in Melanoma, Sarcoma and Reconstruction of the breast after mastectomy.