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"Cancer Eating" Viruses on the way

Tuesday 03 November 2015

Why would anyone infect a cancer patient with a virus? The answer lies in a long known effect in medicine, and in recent developments in genetic research.

For years, cancer doctors have observed that patients who naturally became infected with certain types of virus frequently experienced an improvement in their disease.

It was subsequently proven that some viruses can infect and destroy cancer cells. A great outcome if the virus itself does not harm the patient.

Now, geneticists have taken existing viruses and genetically manipulated them so that they are  highly destructive to cancers, but harmless to people. Furthermore, these viruses have been engineered to boost the patient’s own immune system to fight cancer even more effectively.

Dr. Mark Tangney’s team have been working with a laboratory in Canada which is a worldleader in the study of ‘Oncolytic’ (cancer-eating) viruses as medicines. Our collaboration is already yielding really exciting results, and we are now developing a virus with improved cancer killing power.

Thanks to your support, we are now at the forefront of international efforts to bring such treatments into use.

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