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An Applied Focus


At Cork Cancer Research Centre we believe effective medical research is a continuum from the “bench to beside”. There must be clinical engagement as well as scientific endeavour – it is a bi-directional process. There should be no separation between people who operate at the basic science level and between people who operate at clinical investigation level and clinical care. It is a continuum from one through to the other.  If you don’t have a Centre where you have that engagement and that cross interactivity between the groups, it often becomes irrelevant.


Here in Cork Cancer Research Centre, we provide this interactivity; the basic science people are informed of the problems that exist and of the successes and failures. On the other hand the clinical investigators are aware of any scientific development. As a result they should have cutting edge information and treatments available to them and their patients.


The experience of the clinicians directly influences our research and leads us to channel resources into the solving the current challenges in treating patients with cancer.


Cork Cancer Research Centre acts as a foundation upon which inter-disciplinary research programmes are built. We have initiated, and continue to encourage, the interaction of scientists and clinicians with complementary skills.  Reaping the rewards of these collaborations, our co-operative efforts have made significantly more progress than was thought possible at our launch in 1999.   Our ongoing objective is to build upon this impetus.


“Meaningful contribution to the development of novel anti-cancer treatments continues to be our ambition and it is important that the direction of our research remains applied. Thus we will not become emotionally removed from those afflicted by cancer and ensure it is the patients and families who will benefit from our research endeavours”. (Founder the Late Professor Gerry O’Sullivan)